Friday, May 27, 2016

Adventure Is Out There

Today marks my last day at home until I return about a month from now. It's still so surreal to me that this is happening and will continue to feel this way until I arrive in Costa Rica. I've been anxious about packing and just only began yesterday (typical) but I'm feeling more confident now as long as all mostly goes as planned. If not....that's when I'll internally panic.I must acknowledge the silly irrational thoughts that run through my mind and all the potential scenarios and then simply let them go because what will happen will happen as cliche as it sounds. These things are not under my control and I accept that. I like to think I've gotten better about handling non-ideal situations and practicing patience and tranquility. Rather that stressing myself out unnecessarily and acting manically, I try to make the best of all situations good or not. I thank all my wonderful friends, family, and boyfriend for keeping me sane the majority of the time. I'm very excited to meet new people, my host mom and stay in her lovely home. I'm hoping she'll enjoy the gifts I bought her. I'm also pleased to know that I'll have some spare time between flights to pick up my long lost hobby of reading. After a very stressful school year it is extremely refreshing to be able to relax and enjoy myself in general but I couldn't have asked for a better way to start my summer than this. It will go quick but it will be worth every second. I'm also hoping to quickly restore my skills in the Spanish language. It has been so long since I've practiced it feels as if I forgotten almost everything; vocab, conjugating, tenses, etc. I miss it so much and it will great to revisit some of the things I used to and still love so much. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity and am awaiting tomorrow for the Central American sun to kiss my pale freckle-like face....or should I say rain. Tomorrow will be exhausting emotionally more than anything followed by a few physically exhausting days but all is well and I'm ready to explore. 
Pura Vida! 
Also keep calm and be a yawning baby sloth.